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The compound word “manuka gobeenz” stands for “manuka golden bee new zealand” and it is the finest honey brand of Natural honey ltd.

In New Zealand about 13,000 tonnes of honey are produced each year.

According to UMFHA, about 1,700 tonnes of Manuka honey is produced each year, which is equivalent to 13% of whole production of honey. Furthermore than that, only 50 tonnes of Manuka honey has grade of MGO 800+ or higher, which is 0.03% of the whole production of honey each year.

Manuka GOBEENZ™ is our premium range where the MGO starts from 800+. Its’ harvested from pure, isolated and discrete mountains, valleys and forests in this beautiful country, New Zealand.

Our Manuka GOBEENZ™ MGO 800+ can be used effectively to treat minor wounds and burns. When consumed, it would help to reduce high cholesterol, prevent cold, diabetes and infections.

With its rarity combined with proven natural healing power, we say proudly that Manuka GOBEENZ™ MGO 800+ is the nature’s most valuable gift.

*We guarantee that all our Manuka honey is tested and verified from independent accredited laboratories for its Methylglyoxal content. And we will send test results attached to every jars we sell.

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