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At Natural Honey Ltd, we manufacture and export test verified products only. All our honey is tested from New Zealand official labs 'Analytical Lab', 'Hill Lab', and 'Eurofins' to prove our products are at its highest levels of quality.

International Accreditation New Zealand(IANZ) is part of the Accreditation Council who tests under the Standards and Accreditation Act. 

IANZ is an official member of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), and the Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC). They play a major role in the New Zealand trade and assist the government with international trade development.

Reports from IANZ are recognised by regulators over 65 countries to participate in 'Arrangement' which consist of calibration and inspections in reports to check results have leveled the international standards.


Natural Honey Ltd operates in a fully-built processing facility with high maintenance levels verified from 'AsureQuality' authorised by the Ministry of Primary Industries.

All our staff are trained and committed to sustaining high levels of hygiene practices and high quality New Zealand honey standards.

Natural Honey Ltd operates the Risk Management Programme(RMP) based on the Code of Practice(CoP) and the Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points(HACCP) food safety principles strictly listed in the New Zealand Food Safety Authority(NZFSA)guidelines.

Natural Honey Ltd is committed to sustainable practices and we ensure to deliver our customers the best quality product available anywhere in the world.

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