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Manuka Flower blossom


Manuka Honey health benefits


MGO: Methylglyoxal sterilizes and has antibacterial effects towards harmful bacteria

Strong effects towards harmful bacteria, strong anti-inflammatory effects, used as cancer treatments and anti inflammatory medication in Europe and India. Dresden University in Germany has researched about Natural Manuka honey and they found this substance 'MGO' when sugar breaks down.

> acid reflux

> diarrhea

> duodenal ulcer

> stomach pain

> Infections of the helicobacter virus

> heartburns

> improvements of the digestion system

> irritable colon syndromes

> ulcers

> inflammation of the colon

> stomachaches

Normal Honey has  1 ~ 5mg of MGO in 1kg

Manuka Honey has 50~1000mg+ of MGO in 1kg

Below MGO 100+ : Nutrition supplements for slight antibacterial effects

Above MGO 100+ : For maintaining general health and wellbeing.

Above MGO 250+ : Antibacterial bacteria being found

Above MGO 400+ : Effective improvements seen in the digestion system

Above MGO 550+ : Effective treatments and cure diseases proven scientifically

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